Mobile Learning Vs Internet Learning - M-Learning with Technology Advancement

 Nowadays mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. Don’t you think so? Communication, reading, entertainment, GPS, shopping, banking, learning, and what not… uncountable things! Isn’t it? These multi-purpose devices have got numerous features to keep us updated with the latest activities. And now, it’s very much clear that the next trend of learning will be Mobile Learning!
Mobile Learning or M-Learning for short, has very clear funda, learners will learn and they will get performance support via mobiles. Basically, M-Learning is nothing but getting knowledge through content interactions using your personal electronic devices.M-Learning technology includes electronic devices such as handheld computers, MP3 players, notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, and so on. M-Learning enables mobility of the learner and interaction with portable technologies. The main advantage of M-Learning is that it is accessible virtually from anywhere. It shares the content very fast among its users, which also enables getting instant feedback and tips.

M-Learning is Growing Rapidly with Technology Advancement

M-Learning is replacing books and notes with small devices, filled with tailored learning contents. It has taken further step upon e-learning allowing students to learn virtually anywhere where mobile signal is available.
Keeping in mind the short attention span on mobile by learner and its small screen size, good M-Learning content is often chunked up into a series of short 3-10 minutes micro-lessons. Good typography, images, charts, and short videos are used as these interactive elements are easily memorable and more engaging.
M-Learning is a form of performance support by allowing content to be consumed anytime, anywhere, when in need, and that is why day by day it is becoming popular.