Refine Selection Edge Video Tutorial Photoshop CC Day-5

Adobe Photoshop is the biggest software of graphics. If you learn it effectively then you easily can modify the object as per your wish. But to be master of Adobe Photoshop program is not easy until you do not have interest to learn all fundamentals of Adobe. This comprehensive software is raster software and you work on pixels in it. Photoshop give us advantage to do every task on different layers so that anyone can modify, remove of edit the specific action without messing remaining layers.Though layer adjustment, blending and many other effective tools are present in the software but today we will learn about Refine Selection Edge Tool from Photoshop CC. This is Day-5 of Photoshop class video tutorial. Here question raise in mind that why we use refine edge selection tool? As we can't made accurate selection for sharp corners so at that time refine edge command solve our problem.

Refine edge tool can be found at select menu from top. For more details kindly Check Refine Edge video tutorial and know that How it works in Photoshop CC.

Refine Selection Edge Tutorial Video Here

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Rustam Ali
18 February 2016 at 07:57 ×

That is one of the best way to select hair.

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Congrats bro Rustam Ali you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...