Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Photoshop Tutorial -1

In this demonstration, you will learn about the interface of Photoshop CS6. This is first class of Photoshop, in which we are making you familiar with interface of Photoshop, menu bar, toolbox, options, documents, panels, status, zoom bar and how to make changes in Photoshop color theme through Edit+Preferences options.
Let's start Photoshop CS6 tutorial#1 with basic guide about interface.

Photoshop CS6 Interface Tutorial-1

This demo covers a detailed description of the elements covered in the Photoshop CS6 interface.
Indeed, Photoshop is world recognized editing software with huge transformations and editing capabilities. This is most usable software in photography, graphics, web designing and other fields. Recently adobe group of companies has launched new version as Photoshop CC but due to lighter interface we work on CS6. Though you can use CC to get advantage of modern features.

Menu Bar;
Menu bar is situated on top of the interface. Menu bar contains various menus with commands that are helpful in performing designing activities.

Toolbox gives access to all the drawings, painting, selection tool, text tool, gradient colors tool etc etc. It is one of the most usable bar in Photoshop CS6. Mostly all essential or important tool lies under toolbox option.

Option Bar;
The option bar can be find under the menu bar. The option bar displays options for the currently selected tool. It can perform task for any specific tool and options appears according to selection of tool.

Documents Bar;
It is 3rd row from top. Document window displays files currently in use. If you are using 1 file then it displays one tab but if you are using multiple tabs then it shows you many windows. Document bar contains file name, the percentage at which you are doing your artwork and colors information in RGB or CMYK.

Panels help monitoring and modifying art work. Panels contain colors bar, swatches, layers, channels, paths and lots more according to your work.

Status Bar;
The Status bar shows current information about the active documents

Zoom Bar;
Zoom bar is placed on left bottom corner or in the end of toolbox. From zoom bar you can se the zoom percentage for the active document.

Now we will tell you that how you can make changes in adobe Photoshop interface.

To make changes goto EDIT menu and click on PREFERENCES. After selecting the preferences a window will appear on interface. From preferences window you can choose color theme for you Photoshop interface to switch from a darker interface to a lighter one or vice versa.

Now you have learned about Photoshop CS6 interface and you are ready to go ahead in Photoshop claswees.
Now you have learned about Photoshop CS6 interface.
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